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KIIP Level 5 Finished!



Obligatory studying picture.

Level 5 was a long seven weeks spent studying Korean every Sunday. This time class moved faster since we had to cover 50 chapters instead of 20 in less time. Albeit each chapter was only 4 pages long.

The worst part about class was definitely the length of it. This time class ended at 4:30 so it was a lot better than the other levels where we sometimes studied until 7:30 or 8 at night.  The best part of class was my classmates. We all came in every Sunday and greeted each other cheerfully. Some of us would bring snacks to share and munch away on as we listened to our lecture. Continue reading


PT – Round 2


Celebrating five days at the gym.

Towards the end of March I decided that I was going to get a personal trainer.  Six weeks have  passed by and its time to do a check in.  Anyone who knows me well knows  that I have seemed to make it my mission in life to avoid exercising. I hate it with every ounce of my being so every time I went to start a routine it was really hard to keep going.

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Mocha tries exercising

Before my last appointment with the brain doctor I found out that she would be moving on to a new job. Keeping that in mind I decided that I needed to assess my current situation. Where was Mocha? What does Mocha want to do?

With spring on the horizon it was time for Mocha to come out of slumber mode and get out and play. Its not always the most fun thing to do. Especially, when you are a bit roly poly from winter indulgences and are a newbie to the fitness game.  Mocha decided to make her reappearance at the gym. The only thing that will keep a dog happy? Lots of attention and well treats, which will keep her learning new behaviors.  Continue reading


Revenge is Sweet.

Never believe that you can escape surprises even from overseas. I wasn’t looking forward to turning 30, but I figured it will be a day that passes like anything else. I told my friends I don’t want to do anything. I was told no matter what I must have a drink and I begrudgingly agreed to it.
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